The nature chose Cumbuco, and you?
Portal Cumbuco

The Beach of Cumbuco: has an excellent location in the Brazilian Northeast coast; specifically, the west coast of Ceará, inserted in the metropolitan region of the State capital, Fortaleza, and distant 30 km from its downtown. Access to the beach is through highways BR-020, BR-222, and the EC 090. Its privileged position has been chosen by many sportsmen around the world due to the best winds that pass through the region. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are the most practiced. On the other hand, both the village of Cumbuco and the municipality of Caucaia count with excellent infrastructure which includes hospitals, schools, clubs, parks, sanitation, roads, banks, mail, shops, transport (bus, train), gyms, plus tourism facilities, accommodation and meals.

Important: The main banks (Bradesco, Caixa Economica, Banco do Brasil) have agencies in the municipality of Caucaia.

Passeios de Buggy - Cumbuco - Caucaia
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One of the most important downwinds of Ceará is from Cumbuco to Cauípe: besides providing with favorable winds for sailing, Cumbuco is the point for surfers because it is near to Fortaleza, which on the weekend can get a little over numbered of surfers and bathers. The Downwind has several conditions at sea: flat until the town of Cumbuco, tide pools formed by dry after the earlier French hotel and good waves at the peak of souls. The distance isn’t either short or long, it’s perfect. Normally, if you’re enjoying relaxed, you do the downwind in 1 hour more or less. After the strong downwind, you arrive at Cauípe, considered one of the best points of the world,flat water with different depths, with natural beauty and a stunning sunset.

Through the years the beach of Cumbuco has adequated itself to the demands of visitors. Tourism structure is one of best in the state of Ceará, with more than 40 inns and hotels and with more than 20 restaurants with international cuisine with Italian, French, German and regional specialties among others. Its paradisiacal beaches and lagoons are another important part of Cumbuco. Icaraí Beach is distant only 10km of Cumbuco and the region is easily accessible; there are alternative buses at low prices. To travel from Fortaleza, you can take the Beira Mar (the coast way bus) to Cumbuco (R$ 5.00 approx). The region of Lagamar and Cauípe known as "the best place for the practice of kitesurf in Brazil" is formed by the river delta of Cauípe, a beautiful landscape including sand dunes, a mangrove and a vast area of coconut trees. This beach also houses a village of fishermen.

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