Kitesurf - Windsurf in Cumbuco and Cauipe
Kite surf - Praia de Cumbuco

Geographical characteristics: Cumbuco is one of the best points for sailing in Ceará, and possibly in Brazil. Fortaleza (capital of Ceará) is already known to be a place that has winds, since receiving the “alisios” (trade winds) that blow from Africa, but it’s Cumbuco that really stands out. In the region of Caucaia, the coast is parallel to the equator, from "East > West" and parallel, too, is the direction of “alisios”, trade wind, which passes through Cumbuco with all the power, for it doesn’t find any natural barrier formed by the mainland such as in other stretches of the coastline.

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Nautical Sports: In Cumbuco fans of Kite and Windsurfing have space guaranteed by strong wind of up to 30 knots. The beach of Cumbuco and Cauipe lagoon are considered among the best places to learn and practice these sports. Also important is that many of Cumbuco’s hostels and inns have adapted their infrastructures to the demand of tourists that practice these nautical sports. In fact now there are several kitesurfing schools with trained and accredited staff and top quality equipment. The hotels offer transport to the best spots in the region and store equipment. The sport can be practiced in places with different characteristics, flat waters of the lakes or a little more agitated sea.

Kitesurf na praia de Cumbuco

Lagoa do Cauipe - Cumbuco - Caucaia - Ceará - Brasil

A new hurricane name: Cauipe!

Ideal for practicing kitesurf and windsurf for beginners.

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