Activities and Excursions in Cumbuco
- Brazil -

Sports: Good winds bring athletes from several places in the world to Cumbuco and Cauípe. The strong winds and geographical conditions of the place are most wanted for the practice of windsurfing, kitesurfing and other sports that need the wind to increase the excitement.
Windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment can be hired in Cumbuco, which also count with several schools that offer classes with instructors certified by the IKO on the beaches of Cumbuco, Tabuba and Icaraí (all very close and with different characteristics).
Cumbuco also provides safeguard and transportation services for those who take their own equipment. The sport can be practiced in the sea, which also offers good waves for surfers, and in Lagamar of Cauípe. Other sports are gaining space in Cumbuco, sandboarding and capoeira (cultural expression that mixes fight, dance, popular culture and music developed by African slaves in Brazil) required by tourists who want to take back home a bit of Brazilian culture. Cumbuco has large sand dunes and open spaces to the delight of fans of these modalities, the dunes of great height are ideal for practicing and learning sandboarding.

Activities and Ecotourism: Located 32 km west of Fortaleza, accessible in 20 minutes by taxi (13 euros approx.), in the municipality of Caucaia, on the West Coast, Cumbuco beach surprises with its landscape of dunes, lakes and native vegetation. In the last years it has changed from a fishermen village to a center equipped with one of the most modern facilities in tourist hotels and restaurants, with bars and restaurants. It offers various leisure options: practice of watersports such as Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing and Sailing. Other alternatives are: radical buggy rides in the best natural landscapes of the region, quadricycle motorbikes rides, raft, horse, trekking, jet-skies and banana-boat. The night in Cumbuco offers several nightclubs, discos, bars and restaurants. Don’t forget to witness the beautiful sunset in the dunes of Cumbuco.

Itineraries: The Region of Caucaia is assorted in environment and attractions; the city has areas of mountain, “sertões” (backlands, typical of the region), lagamar (when various waves converge in the same direction), lagoons, dunes, mangroves, rivers and beaches. Caucaia counts with a complete transportation network that facilitates access to various tourist spots.
Nearby Beaches:
The most important beaches around the city are very close to each other allowing to go from one to another easily while discovering their natural beauty. Some of the most popular are: Cauipe, Icaraí, Tabuba and Iparana.

Pictures of excursionas & activities in Cumbuco
Duna Por do Sol - Jericoacoara - CE
Sandboard Jericoacoara
Capoeira em Jericoacoara
Rio Uriú - Jericoacoara
Dunas e Lagoas em Jericoacoara
Passeio de Cavalo - Jeri