Localization: How to get to Cumbuco?

Location in South America: Cumbuco, well provided with roads, is 35 km from Fortaleza, with access by the EC-090 or EC-085. Can be reached by car, bus or taxi. The State of Ceará is located in the Northeast of Brazil, at the extreme eastern part of South America, almost fully inserted in the "Draught Polygon” in the semi-arid.

Cumbuco has a privileged location: right near the line of the Equator, Cumbuco has great climatic conditions, good for wind sports and a stable temperatures all year between 25 and 35 º C. Some rains are recorded in the winter period between July and January that serves to guarantee the natural beauty of the dunes and lagoons.


South America Map - Cumbuco location

Mapa de como chegar em Cumbuco

Airport: Cumbuco is 40 km from the nearest Airport "Pinto Martins International Airport" at Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. Fortaleza is 6 and a half hours flight from the United States and Europe. The airport has an annual flow of 2.5 million passengers and is considered one of Brazil’s most modern ones.

Tip: At the airport exit there is a taxi stop with the recommended rate, settled and enrolled by the airport.

By Car: from Fortaleza, the best option is to leave the city by the Avenida Beira Mar passing the bridge that crosses the bay of Ceará, continuing through the EC-090 by the coast, passing through the beaches of Icaraí, Barra Nova, Tabuba up until Cumbuco. Another option is leaving Fortaleza through Avenue Bezerra de Menezes that continues being BR 020 to Avenida do Sol Poente (EC-085), where you pass by the road to Icaraí (EC 117) and the beaches of Icaraí, Barra Nova and Tabuba up to Cumbuco, or continue through the CE-085 until Cumbuco.

By Bus: there are many options of alternative transportation such as vans and buses from Beira Mar in Fortaleza. Some Beira Mar hotels in Fortaleza offer tours to the different beaches in the region of Cumbuco.


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